China Anhui Anqing Cultural Expo Park

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At the Taihu County exit of Hefei-Wuhan Expressway, on the tall tiger-shaped mountain scatter high pagodas, stands an imposing column decorated with a huge dragon and the ancient city wall engraved with a large statue. Here is the well-known Five Thousand Years Cultural Expo Park.

Though the park has been open to public for less than a year, yet 600 thousand visitors have visited the park, according to the data of Taihu County Tourism Bureau.

The planning area of the Five Thousand Years Cultural Expo Park is about 1200 mu (about 180 acres) with a total investment of 1.8 billion yuan. The park will be constructed into a “China Cultural Theme Park.” The construction is strictly undertaken in accordance with the national standards of a 5A graded scenic spot. It will become a artistic shrine for the world’s pilgrimage to Eastern civilization.

The construction of the park combines both classical Huizhou architectural style and Suzhou garden style. The park incorporates pavilions, pagoda, bridges, brooks and stone inscriptions to fully demonstrate cultural landscape. Any visitors whose minds some pleasant associations are awakened will be impressed by the scenes that highlight the idea of a harmonious culture and rich humanistic atmosphere. China’s five-thousand-year-old cultural classic heritage can be evidently expressed here. This park integrates traveling, exhibitions, symposiums, leisure, entertainment and other functions into one.

Five Thousand Years Cultural Expo Park is divided into three major scenic spots: the cultural and historical attractions, a theme park, and entertainment leisure scenic spots. The cultural and historical attractions cover an area of 600 mu (about 90 acres), with a total investment of 720 million yuan. This section was started to construction in August 2008. It was completed in May last year and was officially open to public since then. This section is consisted of China Workshop of Hundred Craftsmen, China Five Thousand Years Cultural Gallery, Zhao Tailai museums, Five Thousand Years Cultural Root Sculpture Park, Emperor Wudi of Han Dynasty Worshiping Holy Mountain, China FilialPiety Park, Tea-Horse Road (that means a folk international trade and commerce route), the China Love Culture Park, Anqing Park and Wanjiang First Street - Anhui Street and other attractions. The theme park and entertainment and leisure spots covers an area of 600 mu (about 90 acres) is currently under construction. The responsible person of the park told us that these two parks will accommodate All Trades Cultural Park, Museum of Chinese Farming Culture and Art, Southern China Botanical Garden, Fruits and Vegetables Gallery, Farming Cultural Experiential Park, the Chinese Water Village Cultural Park and Chinese National Towers that showcase the styles and traditions of China’s 56 ethnic groups. The park will fully demonstrates the five functions of tourism, leisure, popular scientific education, health recuperation and life experience “. It will be completed and open to public on May 1, 2013. As a project described in the province’s “861” Action Scheme of Cultural Industries, the Five Thousand Years Cultural Expo Park will be the biggest single project of cultural industry in Anqing and even in Anhui after its completion.

The Five Thousand Years Cultural Expo Park concentrates the 5,000 years of Chinese civilization, highlighting the five thousand years of cultural classics. It will be a beautiful name-brand of the province’s tourism and cultural industry. As you enter the Five Thousand Years Cultural Expo Park, you can not only enjoy the five-thousand-year-old Chinese culture and arts but also get to know about the wisdom of Anhui people. Furthermore, what is more important is that through the horse-head walls and blue bricks and green tiles which represent typical Huizhou dwelling you also came to realize the harmony between man and nature. It usually is a closed system, the external part is large and tall solid walls to guard against thefts only with some small windows for aeration. Normally a number of Huizhou dwellings were intensively built, only separated by fireproof walls, which can curtain off fire and avoid fire’s spread. Because these walls have horse-head-like upper corners, they are called horse-head wall. Today, the Five Thousand Years Cultural Expo Park has become a new attraction of the province’s cultural industry following Wuhu Fanta Wild Adventure. It was designated as a “National Cultural Industry Model Base” by the Ministry of Culture, and assessed as a “National 4A Graded Scenic spot” by National Tourism Bureau.