China Anhui Huating Lake

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Lying at the southern foot of Dabie Mountain, the lake is a key national scenic and historic interest site. Huating Lake, just like a shining pearl, is inlaid between Tianzhu and Sikong mountains. The scenic area covers an area of 198 square km and consists of six major scenic spots and six outlying attractions, such as Huating Lake, Longshangong Temple, Haihui Temple, Xifeng Zen Temple, Putu Temple and Shizi Mountain.


The Huatinghu Reservoir, the major part of the scenic area, covers a water area of 100 square km. The vast rippling lake is dotted with islets. Some old temples nestle quietly in the deep woods on the banks. The charming natural scenery and the profound culture of Zen Buddhism combine to create a popular tourist destination. There are 63 important Zen Buddhist sites, including the Erzu Zendo Hall, Futu Temple, Haihui Temple, Xifeng Zen Temple, Yangsi Temple, Medicine King Temple of Li Shizhen (1518-1593), and Tomb Pavilion of Di Renjie (630-700), a famous prime minister of the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-917).