China Anhui Zhanggongshan Scenic Spot

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Zhanggongshan Scenic Spot lies in the southwest of Bengbu.

It consists of Zhanggongshan Park, Zhanggong Island and Zhanggong Lake. In the park, the green hill reflects in the lake which is surrounded by numerous willows. Pines and cypresses cover the hillside of the hill and paths zigzag through the wood up to a pagoda on the top of the hill. There is a zoo in the west of the park and a marina, tea house, floating restaurant and waterside corridor in the east.

Major Attractions
The Garden in the Park:

It is a building complex of classic garden style in the south of the Yangtze River area. Pavilions corridors, terraces are arranged in a perfect way. The Yulan Hall has the projected cornices and wood carved doors and windows. The park is secluded and simple. The steles in the garden are erected to eulogize Yu the Great who famed for his introduction of flood control and the Huai River. On the steles are stories of Yu the Grate controlling the flood, splitting mountain to relieve the flood water, refusing to visit his family when passing his home three times etc.. There are also 48 calligraphy steles written by great calligraphers such as Lin Sanzhi, Wu Zuoren, Gu Tinglong and Ouyang Zhongshi.

Tea House on Hillside:


It is of unique design and bold style amid the green trees. The spacious house is pervaded by the scent of flowers and bamboo around. While sitting on the top floor of the house to drink tea, visitors can look up to enjoy scenery on the mountain and look down to see the view on the lake. 

Wanghuai Pagoda:

The 35.33-meter-high pagoda is the landmark of the city. When ascending on the pagoda, visitors can have a panorama of the whole Bengbu. The silky-belt-like Huai River runs to the distance.