China Anhui The Huashan Enigmatic Caverns

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Located in east Huashan City, the Huashan Enigmatic Caverns are a relics site of the caverns in the ancient Huizhou. To date, more than 30 caverns have been discovered there.

The megaliths and stone carvings in the caverns are so vividly shaped as animals or pavilions that there look very natural. It is regarded as one of China's unique site, due to its magnificent scale, grand momentum, dense distribution and obvious specialties.

Up to now, it is a still riddle when the caves were formed, how the caves were mined, how the stones were transported and where the hundreds of cubic stones were used.

Due to its rich and unique historical research and appreciation values, it is reputed as a historic museum of stone culture of the ancient Huizhou Prefecture.



Underground Corridor (Cave No.2)

The cave, situated at the hillside, opens widely to welcome visitors. Dozens of stone pillars stand in the cave to form an 80-meter-long, 1.5-meter-wide and 4-meter-high corridor.


24 Pillars (Cave No.24)

24 orderly-arranged large pillars stand in the deep water to support the roof of the cave.