China Anhui Xin'an River

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From the joint of Lianjiang River and Jianjiang River at Pukou Town in Shexian County, the river is called Xin'an River.

By linking Huangshan at its headstream and Qiandao Lake at its lower reaches, the river winds among high mountains and dingles, merging water and sky in one color.

Due to its phantasmagoric and splendid landscapes, the river is reputed as a gallery of water and mountains.

Xin'an River is famous for its clear water, plenty of ponds and beaches. Whether in summer or winter, the water can be seen through to the bottom.

The Ice Pond in Xiuning County is recognized as the "Xin'an Number One Pond", while Zhang Pond, Mian Pond and Yue Pond are the cradle-lands of the famous fruit of "Three Pond Loquats".