Yuntai Mountain

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Yuntai Shanis located in Xiuwu County of Jiaozuo City, which is 70km northwestern of Zhengzhou City, the capital of Henan Province. It boasts an area of 240 sq km, including the following eleven scenic spots: Hongshi Gorge, Tanpu Valley, Quanpu Valley, Zhuyu Peak, Diecai Cave, Macaque Valley, Zifang Lake, Wanshan Temple, Baijia Cliff, Qinglong Valley and Fenglin Gorge. It is a national ecological geopark including water bodies, geomorphologic landscapes and relics of culture and civilization together with a series of geologic features that have their unique scientific significance and aesthetic values.

In Henan Province, Mt.Yuntai is the only scenic resort which has the world geo-park, national park of China, national civilized scenic spot, the first group national AAAAA tourist attraction, national natural heritage, national forest park, national water conservancy scenic area, national natural reserve of macaque and national cultural industry demonstration base together.

Mt. Yuntai is marvelous with its mountain, unique with its water, grand with its peak, and serene with its valley. Here, every season has its distinctive scenery. In spring, the sun thaws the ice and melts the snow, and everything comes back to life. With singing spring and smiling flowers, Mt.Yuntai is a good resort to spend one's leisure time and enjoy the blossom of flowers. In summer, lush and green primary and secondary forests, running waterfalls and plunging springs contribute to the uniqueness and majesty of Mt.Yuntai. In autumn, the mountain is overlaid with the red maple leaves. While standing on the peak of the mountain, looking at the charming autumn scenery, one wears a cornel on head, appreciates the red leaves, and carries his thoughts afar. In winter, the snow-capped country looks pure and noble. With peaks rising one after another, the majestic scenery enables one to enjoy the spectacular and boundless north scenery.