Monumental Architecture at Mt. Songshan

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Mount Songshan is one of the five sacred Buddhism mountains in China. It is the cradle of the Zen, and is a place where Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism converge.

The ritual, religious buildings at Mount Songshan all reflect the concept of "the center of the Heaven and Earth". The oldest of them, built almost 2000 years ago, is still intact with cultural vitality today.

The architectural styles of the historic buildings in Mount Songshan have unique and irreplaceable positions in the architectural history of China. Many of the ancient buildings at Mount Songshan are recorded in the history of architecture, religion, culture and fine arts.

The historic monuments of Mount Songshan, together with other remains as the ancient stele inscriptions and frescoes, bear an authentic and integral testimony to the architectural diversity. They are outstanding examples of architectural designs and technologies and a huge wealth for cultural continuity and development. (Photo provided to