Yangshao Culture Museum

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Yangshao Culture Museum is situated in Mianchi county of Sanmenxia, where Yangshao culture originated. Approved by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage and the People's Government of Henan Province, the museum was built in the Yangshao village relics site protection zone, functioning as a base for cultural relic protection, exhibition and scientific research.

Yangshao Culture Museum occupies an area of 43 acres. It has a building area of 4,700 square meters. It started construction in January 2009 and finished in October 28, 2011. The museum has three exhibition halls. The first hall exhibits findings excavated in the Yangshao village relics sites. The second hall displays archaeological records of Yangshao village and other places in China made by Swedish archaeologist Johan Gunnar Andersson, who discovered Yangshao culture. The third exhibition hall exhibits 226 cultural relics from Yangshao cultural sites in Henan province.