International Jade City

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The international jade city scenic spot lies in Shifosi town, Zhengping county, which is famous for jade sculptures. The spot boasts convenient transportation, and is 30 km away from Nanyang airport, 15 km away from the Erenhot-Guangzhou Expressway, and 4km from the Shanhai–Xi'an Expressway. It covers an area of over 1,300 mu (866,667 square meters) following a billion yuan ($163.5 million) of investment.

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As the biggest wholesale market for jewelry, jade and related crafts worldwide, the international jade city was listed in the State-level 4A Tourist Areas in 2012.

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Hotline: 0377–60215555 6215678


Opening hours: all day

Ticket price: free

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Routine events:

1.bonfire parties Jade Sculpture Exhibitions

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Special notices: The buildings in this area are made of wood. Smoking, and littering cigarette butts and matches are prohibited.